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Timeline Crash with Spacetime Crash (One Month)

Description:  Timeline crash with Spacetime clearing included

In the creation of Light, existence is experienced In-the-Moment, In-the Now. There is no time, and all is peaceful. However, eons ago portions of our Universe were invaded by a separate creation, one of Darkness. Along with the Dark creation came the alien races; who brought with them the reality of time. As they lack spirit energy in themselves, they found our spirit and body to be a desirable energy source and have developed many ways to feed off us.


Instructions (please read carefully):

This clearing is for your current lifetime. You must first do the Timeline Crashing Clearing on each of your chosen issues before you clear the same issue on this Spacetime Crash Clearing. For example, for sadness, first go to the Timeline Crashing Clearing and crash say 10 timelines, consecutively, on sadness. Then you can come to this Spacetime Clearing and enter sadness as your issue and do 10 consecutive Spacetime clearings. For both these clearings, do as many as you can until you feel better. We recommend that you perform at least 10 or as many as 100 clearings as you may be connected very deeply with your specific issue on the timelines.

This clearing can be ordered for another person but perform ONLY if they are at the same location as you are and they are with you throughout the clearing session. You can also order this for a pet that lives with you. But you cannot, however, buy and run this clearing for Aunt Mildred in Scotland. Aunt Mildred would need to buy and run her own clearing, in Scotland.

Do this clearing when you can sit and relax not do anything active like cutting vegetables with a knife in the kitchen or activities that use scissors or sharp instruments or while driving or plucking your eyebrows etc. You may experience a sudden movement in the body or you could feel a little dizzy due to the energy shifts; so keep yourself safe while doing this clearing.

When doing a Spacetime Crash Clearing do ONLY ONE AT A TIME. Do not do multiple crashes at once. And do not run any other clearings at the same time. This Spacetime Clearing must be the only clearing running on your computer with the exception of the Auric Field Protection and the orb clearings - these are the only two other clearings you can run at the same time.

If you are doing the Spacetime Clearing for someone else you can run that at the same time ONLY IF you can run theirs on a separate computer.

Explanation of Clearing:

Here on Earth we live in three-dimensional space, with time as the fourth dimension. Spacetime is the interplay between space and time. Space can exist without timelines but we are all on one here or on many of them in our parallel lives. For manifestation to take place, a location in space is required. On Earth, since the arrival of the energies of Darkness; the reality is created in relation to the passage of time.

When we crash the timeline (using Timeline Crash), we are removing an "associated timeline" to which our abducted parts were anchored. Once that timeline is removed you could land on another timeline or back here on Earth... but you might not. You could end up floating around in limbo - in a kind of no man's land where you can be easily be abducted again. You, or a part of you which is out there has no means of finding its way back home to your body here on Earth.

This Spacetime Clearing will retrieve those easy-to-find parts of you that were connected to a previously crashed timeline, clear the cellular memory of the trauma of abduction and return them to your body on Earth.

Price:   $50.00 per MONTH

Full Name: (For whom you require clearing)
Total:       $

At the end of your PayPal purchase please make sure you click on the button
that says “Return to Merchant” so an email containing the username and password
for the clearing can be sent to you. Click here to view a screenshot of the button.
Sometimes it can take a few minutes after your purchase before the email arrives.
When checking for the email, please also check your spam/junk folder.
If you still do not receive an email, please contact us.

We make no medical or health claims regarding the use of this Clearing.
If you have a medical condition, please see your physician.
Use of this Clearing is for the purpose of Ascension Preparation only.
The Clearing process may not be detectable by
current Earth-based equipment and technology.

Timeline Crash with Spacetime Crash (One Month) Login Page

SPECIAL 1: Purchase one Whole Lifetime Clearing and get one for half price.
Or, purchase any clearing on the website for $100 or more, and get a Whole Lifetime Clearing for half price. The Whole Lifetime Clearings are in the "Category: Current Lifetime Clearings."

Send to us an email request with:
  1. The name of the Whole Lifetime Clearing you purchased.
  2. Name of the Whole Lifetime Clearing you would like to purchase at 1/2 price.
We will send you a reply.
Then you are ready to order and run the 1/2 price clearing.
SPECIAL 2: Complete four Whole Lifetime Clearings at regular price and your 5th is complimentary. Send to us an email to activate this offer.

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