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Event Timeline

After 2005 | Before 2005 | Earth Spirit | Collages

Below are short lists of many events that have happened over the years. Due to our busy schedule, the lists are not up-to-date; the best way to get up-to-date information on what is going on is to tune in to our radio show.

After 2005
The following events have occurred After 2005.
Date Event
September 2018
Ron returns to the Creation Lightship. Reports come in from around the world verifying the clearings are now stronger than ever. Ron is on the Lightship protecting the clearings and the website creationlightship.com . The website is a gift to humanity to connect with Ron and the Light Beings on the Creation Lightship. Help us continue Ron’s healing mission Donate
March 4, 2018
Ron went to a planet we can call the "Galactic Trading Platform" like our Wall Street; the planet was larger than the planet Earth. At this location aliens were trading us; alien races would take us and copy/paste us and make our whole hologram around us every ten minutes so another alien race could control us and steal our emotional and physical pain energies. This trading platform was very large and had a database of all of us (name/frequency) and we would be traded for a certain exchange - whether that be something similar to money, technology, etc.

Ron informed the aliens there that they could not be on the Earth doing what they were doing. He shut down the trading facility and all the "computers" there, and he placed up billboards around the planet using the energy of light to let all the aliens know they had to stop and leave. Some of the aliens left, and those that did not leave were battled.

Interestingly humans were not the only ones traded. There was also a facility just for trading aliens because there is a hierarchy scheme when dealing with aliens and some aliens are above others. There were also many other different facilities, and all of them were shut down. In case you are an alien reading this and need help or if you are a person and you want to help the aliens, please run this free Creation Lightship Darkness to Light youtube video because the Lightship will come forth and assist them immediately.

Please note that in our analogy above, we do not want to give the impression that the Wall Street on our planet is bad. We just wanted to put forth the understanding that humans are being traded by aliens similar to how stocks are traded by humans.

You can hear Ron's full announcement of this event from his March 2018 NEWLIFE Expo lecture. Click here to download the audio recording; the file is in mp3 format.
March 2011
The planet Nibiru was responsible for Japan's earthquake and tsunami on Friday March 11, 2011. These two disasters were attacks from the planet Nibiru. The planet was destroyed in about 45 seconds by the Creation Lightship after the Lightship found out the planet was responsible for the attacks on Japan (it may have been 1 or 2 days after the attacks). The planet was around 5 times the size of the planet Earth. There are still around 5% to 8% of the energies where the planet was, which may be satellite objects.

Also, lately the Creation Lightship has been working on ships that have been responsible for sending poisonous pins into our bodies. For example, you may notice that when you are sleeping at night your body, feet, or legs may jerk or move around a lot. This is because you are having pins being put into you; the aliens are attacking you. Also, if you have ever seen a peaceful or sleeping baby being held by their mother and the baby all of a sudden starts crying and moving its feet and legs around, the baby is most likely being attacked by the pins. You can protect yourself by stopping the attacks and attackers by using our Alien Attack Removal page.
January 7, 2011
The Creation Lightship and the Earth Spirit have been removing dark energies that came to the planet Earth around 34,000 BC.

The Lightship has also been crashing Elohim timelines.
December 22, 2010
For the past few days the Creation Lightship has been working with what looked like slimy jellyfish energy, kinda like petroleum jelly. These things were located a little ways outside of the Earth and they were controlling the weather patterns on the Earth. These things are very negative energies that are unwilling to let go of their control of the weather patterns, and they are responsible for all of our awful weather recently.
November 20, 2010
The Creation Lightship and the Earth Spirit have been removing dark energies that came to the planet Earth around 21,000 BC.
October 18, 2010
The timelines have been "crashing". This past week the Creation Lightship has been taking out the aliens that are controlling our timelines. A very extensive description is provided by Ron on his October 18, 2010 BBS Radio show (starts at the 5 minute 44 second mark).

Click here to view some "timeline crashing" photos.

UPDATE: you can now crash timelines that are affecting you! «
October 11, 2010
Ron made the following announcement on his October 11, 2010 BBS Radio show (starts at the 42 minute 54 second mark):
We had somebody asking a question about maybe feeling better right now, or lighter, or something like that. Yes, the Lightship right now is working on a lot of stuff in the far beyond – way out there (outside of our planet) and also way below (underground and underworld). They are going into realms that nobody knows anything about here and these realms control everything, and the Lightship is cleaning them out. So if you have had a rocking time the past few days as these parallel lifetimes are also being released and the aliens are releasing control of you, you may notice that people are having weird personality changes – you may see people behaving a little differently than normal because of all the clearings the Lightship is doing now. It feels like a little bit longer, maybe a week possibly, and everything should be changing on this planet I think. There is a lot going on and different races that control different races on this planet are being released now – the Lightship is in full battle with these energies, I can say that for a fact. Freedom maybe around the corner, but it will take the particular physical governments and everything else to trickle up to release some of their control. You are going to be feeling the freedom around your body; your body may also start to feel less tense. Remember that everything on this planet has been controlled, and the aliens were controlled and a lot of the aliens are no longer around. However, the ones that are still here and the ones that are still hiding can still control you in the parallel lifetimes, and you can still have programs in you still running, so you need to get these programs off of you.

(47 minute and 20 second mark) Right now on the East Coast here [Ron is in New York during this show], after talking about this stuff, we have thunder. And that only means one thing, they are out there close by [spiritual warfare is occurring between the light and darkness, which is why there is thunder]. What I can say is that the underground is nothing compared to the underworld. The underworld has controlled this planet forever, and the ones that I can tell you about: the witches and the warlocks and people doing stuff like that (that type of magic), and the aliens control that, and there are many many races and the governments do not have the technology or warfare or armament or anything else to deal with these energies, and so unfortunately the governments had to respond to orders from these alien races, and the governments are being freed up now, which is why I said you will probably be seeing a change (how soon I cannot tell you). The Lightship and the Earth Spirit are eliminating all the stuff that is here, that I can guarantee you, I just do not know how soon. This planet will return, just like in Van Halen’s song Love Walks In, the very last part of it was something like: Silence speaks as loud as war (war is loud, bombs, etc…, and silence is peace energy and you can imagine how loud peace is compared to war living in the moment), Earth returns to what it was before (and that is what is happening now), Love comes walkin'in. So we will see what happens. I know there is a lot going on, I myself have had probably a few hours of sleep for the last week working with this stuff, under a lot of attack, doing a lot of clearings and healings, mainly warfare with these aliens – I have seen thousands of them and they are getting rooted out of here. I normally do not come out this boldly because it sounds maybe egotistical or something, but what I can tell you is watch the people around you and see how you are feeling and you should start to feel lighter. As the things get released, things should start to change here. We will find out in a month from now where we are with this energy and how far they have gotten. The Light is here now to help everybody. You still need to get the programs out of you that the aliens put into you – you have been running programs for thousands and thousands of years that are connected to your DNA , and they have to get rooted out.
Around September 27, 2010
For the past few weeks, the Creation Lightship and the Earth Spirit have been removing dark energies that came to the planet Earth around 15,000 BC to 17,500 BC.
August 9, 2010
The Creation Lightship and the Earth Spirit are removing dark energies that came to the planet Earth around 13,000 BC.
July 23, 2010
For the past 2 to 3 weeks, the Creation Lightship and the Earth Spirit have been removing dark energies that came to the planet Earth around 5,000 BC to 10,000 BC. They have successfully gotten rid of around half of an alien race that looks like an apple fritter. This alien has many legs on them.

At the moment, no one in the Galactic Federation (GF) appears to be taking part in the removal process of the dark aliens. The reason is that the GFs’ technologies are not as advanced as the Creation Lightship’s technology. If the GF were to take part in the removal process of the dark aliens, they are at risk of being hurt and/or destroyed, and the Creation Lightship does not want to perform double duty: getting rid of the dark aliens, and healing the GF.
July 4, 2010
The Creation Lightship dealt with another major religion and the extraterrestrials associated with it. This is a continuation of the June 22, 2010 event.

Ron discusses what the Creation Lightship was going to do on July 4th on his July 3, 2010 BBS Radio show.

It is interesting to note that July 4th is Independence Day in the United states.
June 22, 2010
The Creation Lightship was helping take out one of the major religions on the planet Earth; it was taking away the mind controlling extraterrestrials sending out the energetic transmissions related to the religion. This is why you may be feeling lighter and less connected to people.

This event started after midnight on Tuesday June 22, 2010 around 12:11 am (EST).

The Creation Lightship took out an alien spacecraft that was about 1/3 the size of the Earth. The battle took place in our time for about 2 minutes. There were no other alien races – galactic federation ships – helping because the Creation Lightship did not want any casualties; it was only the Creation Lightship taking out the alien spacecraft. The alien spacecraft had a lot of control over the Earth and humanity.

Ron was able to watch the event; he witnessed the alien spacecraft being surrounded by the Creation Lightship Defense Fleet, like something out of Star Wars. All you could see was pure Light going into the alien spacecraft. The spacecraft was completely disintegrated after about 2 minutes. It would be like looking at the Moon and witnessing Light 360 degrees around it, and the Light was so bright that you probably could not even look at the Moon. After the spacecraft was disintegrated, the millions of Light Rays going into it disappeared. The Creation Lightship defense fleet LOVED this spacecraft to death.

The Creation Lightship plans on taking out more extraterrestrials connected to the religious energies on our planet Earth.

Ron discusses this event in detail on his June 26, 2010 BBS Radio show.
Around February 2, 2010
The Earth Spirit started removing what looked like very thick multilayered cables - similar in appearance to the cables used to hold up suspension bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge. The cables, which were non-lifeforms/dead energies created by the darkness, had been suffocating the Earth Spirit. The Earth Spirit requested and received assistance from three other planet spirits. The planet spirits provided the Earth Spirit with more source energy (love energy) because the Earth Spirit’s life force energy was very low at the time due to the darkness’ invasion in order to obtain the life force energy of the Earth Spirit. The planet spirits were larger then the Earth Spirit and did not have their own planet yet - they had not incarnated yet.
October 4, 2009
Around noon time (New York time) the Earth Spirit decided to help itself and us in the ascension and healing process by moving about 80% of itself into what we will call for simplicity sake, its Auric Field.

The Auric Field, which should be pure Light, is supposed to protect the planet Earth and its inhabitants. However, darkness has infiltrated the Auric Field. In this darkness we have:
  1. collective conscious or universal mind.
    1. people tap into this energy when attempting to do readings on other people (like psychic readings).
    2. aliens have complete control over this mind energy.
  2. our so-called Earth-plane soul family resides here.
The darkness infiltrates the Auric Field whenever people connect to the darkness through prayers, love energy projections, firing of the grid, etc. When people perform these actions, they are actually blasting holes into Auric Field. These holes can be many different things such as energy vortexes, stargates, etc. The darkness/negative extraterrestrials can then come through the Auric Field’s holes and harm the planet and its inhabitants.

So the Earth Spirit is going to clear out the darkness from its Auric Field by starting first at its outer Auric Field and moving its way inward. The Creation Lightship is helping the Earth Spirit with its clearing process.

You may sense a change since the process started. Since 80% of the Earth Spirit will be in the planet’s Auric Field, you might feel a little more ungrounded.

The Creation Lightship is bringing in space holders (place holders). The space holders are strictly light energy that will take the place of where 80% of the Earth Spirit is supposed to reside on the planet. The space holders normally will not do healings and instead they will just hold the space of light. If the space holders were not placed where the Earth Spirit has left, the Earth’s blueprint would start to not manifest (the Earth’s blueprint would start to dissolve). That would result in a lot of stuff happening such as earthquakes. However, the space holders will prevent things from happening and will keep the Earth’s blueprint energized.

Note that we still need to work on ourselves in order to ascend; rely on yourself and don’t rely on the Earth Spirit to prepare you for ascension. Get your clearings and healings (online option) done through the Creation Lightship.

Listen to Ron Amitron announce the information above on his BBS Radio show: .mp3 - 55 minutes 49 seconds long - 12.7 MB

Receive your own free Auric Field Protection and read more information about the Earth shift discussed above.
June 2009
The Creation Lightship is bringing light into our time based reality – the time based reality was created by the darkside.

The darkside works out of time, but they created a linear time for us to live in. They control us through the time frame reality that we live in; we live in their linear time. The Light does not live in time; the Light only works in the now. In the Light, there is no such thing as the future or future predictions because everything is created in the moment.

So the Creation Lightship is upgrading its light creations in order to prevent the darkside from connecting into our frequencies due to living in time - everything is a frequency that gets turned off and on, and the darkside would come into our energetic field during the off state and stretch the time in order to do whatever they want with us.
December 2007
Blue skies are now seen on the planet Earth. The Creation Lightship was working with the sky.
November 2007
Off-planet mind control from extraterrestrials was removed from the planet Earth by the Creation Lightship. Before the Creation Lightship removed these energies, your body was usually agitated and could never find a sense of balance and peace. The Creation Lightship went to all the extraterrestrial races that were causing the mind control and eliminated them, and also eliminated anything else that may have been causing all the mind control. This is why your body may feel much more relaxed, and why you now have a heightened sense of awareness (examples: you may see better, you may have less mind chatter, etc..).
November 2006
The Creation Lightship created a special Lightship to watch over the Earth Spirit and prepare it for ascension.
September 21, 2005
JetBlue Airways Flight 292 was saved by the Creation Lightship. On Ron’s conference call that day, a person asked Ron if the Creation Lightship could help the airplane. So about 25 minutes before the airplane landed, Ron beamed up the airplane to the Creation Lightship, and the technicians on the Creation Lightship were studying the airplane (the airplane was hovering in the Creation Lightship out of time … so it was still flying on the Earth) and were trying to figure out what to do. About 20 seconds before the airplane landed, the Creation Lightship decided to put a small invisible Lightship underneath each wing and two underneath the fuselage in the front of the airplane. The airplane landed and everyone was ok. (more)
August 5-7, 2005
AS-28 Submarine was saved by the Creation Lightship. A lady on one of Ron’s conference calls (her husband was based in Hawaii and worked on submarines) asked Ron if he could do a prayer for the men in the submarine because they were losing oxygen and may not make it. So Ron brought up the men from the submarine to the Creation Lightship. The men looked very afraid and scared. The Creation Lightship gave the men nutrition and their vital signs became perfect (the men were smiling later on when they left the Creation Lightship). Ron also beamed up the complete submarine (remember, this is out of time), and the Creation Lightship went through and re-did their oxygen system and did whatever was needed to make it whole and complete again and in perfect working order. The men and the submarine were then beamed back down, and within a few days they were rescued. (more)
February 2005
The Creation Lightship has eliminated the forced Reincarnation Process on the planet Earth. This was done as part of the Ascension Preparation.

For eons - trapped in the Dark-Side’s Reincarnation Loop - many Spirits of Light have been forced to reincarnate into a physical body on planet Earth over and over again. Negative energies of wounds and sorrows people experienced during their past lives have remained actively attached to their present physical body incarnation.

From this time forth, the Spirits of Light will once again experience freedom to choose when and where they incarnate. They will no longer be forced to carry their negative energies from their past lives into their next incarnation.
February 2005
During this month, the Creation Lightship brought forth important Ascension Energies and provided Ron with the necessary protocols to assist us in receiving and activating these amazing Ascension Energies within ourselves. Jesus had predicted this event as noted in the Talmud Jmmanuel. (more)

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Before 2005
The following events occurred before 2005.
The aliens have been making clones for quite some time. However, since the 1950s the number of clones they have made and placed into and integrated well within our society has greatly increased.

If you are a clone or if you know of a clone that would like to have a spirit and come into the light, please use this page: Clone Light Infusion Process.

Clones do not have spirits in them, so the Creation Lightship can provide them with a spirit.

Note that the clones are possibly being created to replace the current human population sometime in the near future.
Middle 1800s
When Jesus was on this planet around 2000 years ago, the stars in the sky where real. However, the fake darkside generated stars came in around the middle 1800s. The poem, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" was first published in 1806. The aliens have been telling us through the poem's words that they are watching us from their stars, and the poem was published around the time the aliens were placing their fake stars in our sky!

We have  highlighted  key phrases and added our own  (comments)  in the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" poem below:
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
 How I wonder what you are!      (you are not a regular star!) 
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky!

*Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!*

When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

Then the traveller in the dark,
Thanks you for your tiny spark,
 He could not see which way to go, 
 If you did not twinkle so. 
 (the aliens are making you look for help outside of yourself) 

In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often through my curtains peep,
 For you never shut your eye,      (the aliens are always watching you!) 
Till the sun is in the sky.

As your bright and tiny spark,
Lights the traveller in the dark,-
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

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Earth Spirit in Wholeness
Percentage of the Earth Spirit that has been brought
back into wholeness since the October 4, 2009 event.
  • 3% (approximately) - October 2009 (according to the BBS show on January 16, 2010)
  • 8% (approximately) - January 16, 2010
  • 11% (approximately) - March 17, 2010
  • 12% (approximately) - April 3, 2010
  • 12.5% (approximately) - May 4, 2010
  • 30% (approximately) - October 6, 2010
  • 40% (approximately) - November 12, 2010
  • 45% (approximately) - November 26, 2010
  • 80% (approximately) - October 30, 2011 (approximately)
  • 89% (approximately) - November 2, 2011
Earth Spirit in the Earth
Percentage of the Earth Spirit that has integrated
with the physical Earth since the October 4, 2009 event.
  • 20% (approximately) - December 3, 2010

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Some collages others have made
regarding some Creation Lightship events.
We have more collages on a separate page.
Collage 1
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I want to thank you for a profound experience at the New Living Expo in San Francisco. After the light infusion chamber sessions, I experienced a shift in my sight, everything appeared to be brighter and I felt lighter and happier! The emotional healing was also very powerful and I was left with a feeling of peace and calm. ~ Lori (New Living Expo)
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