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Alien Energetic Web Coat Removal and Oxygen Infusion


From what people have told us and from our own experiences, the Alien Energetic Web Coat Removal is a very energizing, peaceful, and relaxing clearing.

It removes the Alien Energetic Web Coat, which is a living lifeform that is wrapped around us, suffocating our body and preventing us from breathing (like being in a musty room); the web coat is a claustrophobic energy. The web coat has very low energy, so you couldn't really see it move.

The web coat looks like a grayish brown steel wool or spider web (a very dense spider web). Each layer maybe a different color because a different alien race may connect with each layer. Aliens can sell each other the layers, etc... (note that aliens do exchange technologies with each other, etc...).

It forms away from the body (it is not attached to the body). It is in the auric/energy field emitted by our body; it is around half an inch away from our skin.

It is made up of different energetic layers (most people have 12 layers total, but some people have 20 layers). Each layer is around an inch thick (so the web coat is usually 1 foot thick). All the layers of the web coat make you feel like you are wearing a heavy coat.


The Oxygen Infusion section allows you to experience different healing colored oxygen (such as red, blue, etc...).

After you login and finish your Alien Energetic Web Coat Removal, first experience a single colored oxygen before you start blending the oxygen colors.

The Oxygen Infusion is a separate healing included with the Alien Energetic Web Coat Removal, so you may enjoy it at anytime by bypassing the Alien Energetic Web Coat Removal.

Price:   $100.00 per EACH (Per PERSON, PET or Plant)

Full Name: (For whom you require clearing)
Total:       $

At the end of your PayPal purchase please make sure you click on the button
that says “Return to Merchant” so an email containing the username and password
for the clearing can be sent to you. Click here to view a screenshot of the button.
Sometimes it can take a few minutes after your purchase before the email arrives.
When checking for the email, please also check your spam/junk folder.
If you still do not receive an email, please contact us.

We make no medical or health claims regarding the use of this Clearing.
If you have a medical condition, please see your physician.
Use of this Clearing is for the purpose of Ascension Preparation only.
The Clearing process may not be detectable by
current Earth-based equipment and technology.

Alien Energetic Web Coat Removal and Oxygen Infusion Login Page

SPECIAL 1: Purchase one Whole Lifetime Clearing and get one for half price.
Or, purchase any clearing on the website for $100 or more, and get a Whole Lifetime Clearing for half price. The Whole Lifetime Clearings are in the "Category: Current Lifetime Clearings."

Send to us an email request with:
  1. The name of the Whole Lifetime Clearing you purchased.
  2. Name of the Whole Lifetime Clearing you would like to purchase at 1/2 price.
We will send you a reply.
Then you are ready to order and run the 1/2 price clearing.
SPECIAL 2: Complete four Whole Lifetime Clearings at regular price and your 5th is complimentary. Send to us an email to activate this offer.

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Ron, I was trying to "convince myself" for some time to drink more water...with some results...until I got my special water charged on Sat. 18 call.... My beautiful body absolutely loves the water and wants more and more....:-)))))) I was surprised how different was the taste of the last day water charged by seals. ~ D (St. Louis)
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