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Healing Testimonials

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Creation Lightship Healing testimonials

Physical Healing Session | Physical Healing Session, for 2 people at the same time | Phone Conference Group Healing Session England | Phone Conference Group Healing Session | Ship Doctors | Healing Tune up Session | Ja-ne-na communicated this to Marcia M. during her Physical Session | Clearing/Healing Session | Healing Tune up Session | One Hour Healing Session | Experience The Miracle | Emotional Years Clearing and Physical Healing | Physical Healing June 7, 2005 | Healing Tune up Session | Clearing of the Years Session Emotional Years Clearing | Emotional Healing

Physical Healing Session

A swirl.When I first began working with ET Ron on the phone, I was suffering from several back and knee injuries as well as a severe case of fibromyalgia. I was on crutches and crying a lot from the severe pain. The healing is so gentle. I just kept feeling better. My doctors just could not understand why I no longer had back and knee pain or fibromyalgia. I am forever grateful.
C.E. Shamanic Healer, Chicago, IL

A swirl.Hi Everyone,
I first met Ron at the UFO Congress. He did a 10-minute healing on me and I felt warm and light headed. I wasn’t until two days later that I realize the chronic pain in my knees had drastically diminished. I couldn’t believe it! I was able to walk down the stairs without holding on to the rail. I have since done other work with Ron and I can’t begin to tell you how my life has changed for the better.
Thanks, G.T. NY NY

A swirl.Resulting from a falling accident, I had a ligament, tendon injury and my left calf muscle was loose. ET Ron and his ET physicians and surgeons completely fixed this problem. I have experienced absolutely no pain or discomfort in that area since my healing.
S.E. Redding Ca

A swirl.My wife was diagnosed with Cancer. The operation was postponed because the tumor had grown so large the operation would require another surgeon. During the month waiting period She decided to have Healing Sessions with ET Ron and his connection. She was hoping this would make her scheduled surgery go a little easier. When the hospital surgeons operated on her they were amazed to find no sign of the tumor or any cancer! Two years later and she is still doing fine and cancer free. Our family members appreciate the wonderful Healings we all have received through the Fleet Doctors.
M. M. LV Nevada

A swirl.It has always been a pleasure to work with ET Ron and an honor to have him work on my family and me. His teachings have helped many of us to out next step. He has taken steps to help when traditional therapy has failed. Healing will come through with his powerful ability in helping you to see you own unlimited potential.
J.L.T. Director of Celestine Healing Center Redding, Ca.

A swirl.Greetings ET Ron, A. and all,I want to follow up my phone testimonial four days ago. You know how much better I am feeling. First, I am sleeping better and it is a deeper undisturbed sleep pattern. There no longer pressure or aching in my neck, shoulders, or back or legs which was hindering my natural sleep. My joints feel more supple and mobility in my right arm greatly improved. Internally, I am feeling a sense of well being. My breathing is greatly improved and my abdominal discomforts and irregularity are gone. My skin tone is improving with blemish areas cleared. I am walking with greater ease and my posture has improved. My head is clearing with the sinus pressure gone. Along with that my vision is improving and the headaches are gone. I am very grateful to you and to all who assisted this healing experience. I cannot thank you enough for your loving service to humanity.
Namaste, M.A.

A swirl.I’ve had a systemic Candida (yeast) problem for many years. I was able to clear it out once using specifically prescribed flower essences/gem elixirs, but it came back when I stopped using them. It is a very persistent, difficult problem to deal with, including an extremely restrictive diet. In a few sessions the ET doctors were able to completely free me of this problem- I could tell that the physical manifestations were gone, including fungus that appeared on my body. All I can say is that the relief I feel is tremendous (and that I can eat ice cream again)!!!

Also, I have arthritis in both knees, much worse in the right one because of a sports injury and subsequent surgery many years ago. I have to have a great deal of fluid removed from it every month and need cortisone shots in both knees. The right one was even worse because I slipped and bruised the kneecap recently. One session with Ron and the ET Doctors greatly alleviated the pain and soreness in both knees and it was quite marked in the right one since the pain and inflammation were much worse there. I truly believe the doctors are restructuring the right knee and I intend to have as many sessions as necessary until it’s totally healed. Dare I start dreaming of playing a little basketball again after 30 years?

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Physical Healing Session, for 2 people at the same time

A swirl.Thank you for Saturday evening’s gifts. Much gratitude to you at your ET friends. I feel lighter, cleaner and happier as if I was emotionally cleanse and even karmic cleansed. I also sensed more smoothness, in a long term lower back misalignment.

Again, thank you very much.
G. also had a wonderful experiences last night.

She her long standing hip constriction opened up and that the energy was flowing through her spine and out the top to her head. Love, Light and Abundant Blessings,
R.R. and G.R.

A swirl.Admittedly, when I first heard of this hype of healing modality, I was a little skeptical because of the negative stereotypes associated with UFO’s ET’s and inter-dimensional and galactic governments within and outside our solar system. Well, Ron are truly gifted in taking away all the fear, explaining in great detail in a non-threatening manner what happens in this type of healing. In only a few minutes of what I will call “time” you were able to accurately diagnose on board the spaceship the exact problem my wife was experiencing at the precise time. mind blowing. According to your instruction, she moved her hand and fingers, only to discover the pain had completely disappeared. You are being used as a remarkable healing instrument for the team of interstellar doctors who are willing to help those who are willing to be healed.

In addition, we both received total rest like we have not experienced in a long time. I want to showcase this in my next Newsletter. Thanks again.
R.J. Ph.D.

Second letter from R.J. Ph.D.:

A swirl.I felt so relaxed that every cell in my body was able to unwind and become “one” with me on the spaceship. My wide of 18 years, C., was healed spontaneously. Her chiropractor called after the session, ironically to ask how she was. I told him what happened and he may want a session as well.
R.J. Ph.D.

East Point, Georgia

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Phone Conference Group Healing Session England

A swirl.Hi Ron, The whole group had a wonderful evening. Although i did not see anything during my journey on the space ship, i usually don’t as i only feel thing going on, but i certainly had lot of sensations. There were tinglings in my hands and butterflies feelings in my stomach when we were taken up to the ship. I could tell that parts of my body were being worked on by the sensations i was experiencing at different areas of my body at different times. I experienced tingling, hotspots, lot of other feelings which are hard to describe, I felt these sensations in the body parts before you even talked about these areas. The three different energies that came into the room after the healing, they were tremendous, lots of love, contentment, serenity and very secure feelings along with tingling, rushes of waves going throughout my chakras and body, warmth, heat around the heart front and back, tingling around my head, face, hair, hands, legs and feet. The three energies where totally different from one another causing all sorts of different vibrations for each one. calming, coolness, peacefulness i just had so many things happening in side and out side my body.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience it will remain with me forever. I feet so much more in my body and clarity of my mind as if the murky cloudiness has been cleared. Thank you so much. Lots of love and light.
V. R. England

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Phone Conference Group Healing Session

A swirl.Greetings Ron,

I want to say a big thank you to you and our light being friends. I didn’t see anything while i was on the spaceship but i had a lot of sensations throughout my body. I felt lots of tingling, heat and i can only explain it as a shift of some kind. Even before you said the light beings was working on certain parts i had already felt something in that part of my body. over the last few days i have been asking them for continual healing. I have certainly felt a lot more focus and clarity in my mind and I certainly felt a lot of sensations in my head at the time of the healing.

I have now moved to Ireland, a place named Galway on the west coast. ... i feel remarkably calm.. My usual feeling is one of stress and trying to get thing sorted out, if you know what i mean. So that’s a real positive change for me in my life.

I would like to stay in touch with you Ron. I have always wanted from a kid to meet ETs and to go off in a spaceship, funny how that desire has already manifested

I do know i carry fear about what i don’t know. It you have any comments i would be pleased to receive them as i want to come from love all the time. I understand this conceptually but its not in my heart.
Thanks once again Ron, Love and light,
P.H. Galway, Ireland

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Ship Doctors

A swirl.My sister’s description of the Ship Doctors that she saw: they have no hair. Their faces and heads are a light, golden tan; luminescent, a beautiful glow. They wear beautiful, soft, silk like tunics with no buttons. The color is an iridescent light silver, almost white. The lights in the treatment room are not harsh. They are soft and warm colors of beautiful pastels such as light blue and pink.

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Healing Tune up Session

A swirl.I felt like I was in communication with Ja-ne-na. I told her I liked her. When they told me what they worked on - they said “my head”, which is what I had asked her for a healing on and needed. I didn’t want to leave and would like more of this positive healing and contact.
J.S. Berkeley, Ca

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Ja-ne-na communicated this to Marcia M. during her Physical Session

A swirl.Energy flows, is channeled for people Tell them that I am not tired, I can give to more people Love, Ja-ne-na

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Clearing/Healing Session

A swirl.Each day I notice subtle changes, am making note of them. My deep appreciation and gratitude to you for making the session possible and to Ja-ne-na and the teams for their great work at this time. Love and Joy to all,
E.G. Carpentersville, Ill.

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Healing Tune up Session

A swirl.I felt a sense of being held or suspended while subtle energies were shifting inside. It was a pleasant experience. I felt a connection that was comfortable and restful.
E. Novato, Ca

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One Hour Healing Session

A swirl.With your powerful energy, my 93 year old uncle, who had a heart attack and then came down with pneumonia, was quickly and miraculously healed. I have no question that without your healing he may not have recovered, he was too old and too fragile – but you saved him. We are all looking foreword to his Birthday this month. He will be 93.
Sincerely D.A. Santa Rosa, CA.

A swirl.Thank you for this great experience of Peacefulness and Love. Thanks for reminding me of my connections w/other planets and beings and for all your great healing that was given to my family and me, with love R.
R.G. San Leandro, Ca

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Experience The Miracle

A swirl.Experience the miracle of healing your emotional, mental and physical state of being. You can find relief from pain and Divine help to achieve a higher plane of consciousness. The Healing Arts University Fleet via Ambassador, Ron is here to assist you in becoming more evolved and to help the world become a better place for us to live. May Earth and it’s people be filled with the Divine Light and enter into the Universal Consciousness. People awake one person at a time. We, as light workers, have helped shift/expand people’s awareness of the universe, and the reality of multi-dimensionality. As you read this, you are extended this invitation to journey along with others of us who have experienced this Divine Energy from The Healing Arts University Fleet.
Love to All, L. K. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.I have experienced healing on the physical and emotional levels from my sessions with Ron. I had a herniated/ruptured disk of my spine at lumbar two and three and a bulging disk at lumbar four and five. The pain was excruciating and my mobility was severely impaired. Ron worked with me and I did not require any narcotic pain meds at all, and with in three days I discontinued the Motrin for pain. My recovery was incredibly fast! Ron’s healings are beyond what western and eastern medicine has to offer. Ron is what true healings are about, no pharmaceutical industry needed here. Thank you Ron and the ET Medical Team.

My teenage son has also experienced working with Ron. My son received an emotional healing for divorce issues, school issues, and also for attitude and coping stills. He now is better able to see clearly, has a more positive attitude and has more emotional balance. He does not go into anger as quickly. It really held him so much. He is now maturing at an accelerated level, more compassionate and less likely to resort to anger. Thank you from both of us for all the wonderful assistance you have provided.

R.N. working at a large HMO
J. H., Long Beach, Ca

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Emotional Years Clearing and Physical Healing

A swirl.I recently received a profound healing from Ron. My right foot was twisting to the right and loose, as the tendons and ligaments were severely damaged. The healing was miraculous. I was taken aboard the “Ship” and master inter-dimensional medical experts rebuilt my foot. It is attached, balanced, and strong now. I also received a Emotional Clearing of the Years, which removes the changes held in the body from past traumas. I would wake up – not be able to sleep – thinking of past upsetting situation, at times, for hours. It is all cleared now! Now when I wake now I can easily go back to sleep in a few minutes.

As a producer of health and spirituality events for the past 20 years – Ron rates in the top 5 percent of qualified experts. He gets it done now, and does it right the first time. The quality of service fully exceeds the fee.
Best Wishes, E.S. Realife Foundation, Redding, Ca

A swirl.Thank you so much for your help in relieving chronic pain in my back, which I’ve had for 25years. Immediately, during treatment I felt relief. I also felt relief of chronic pain from my shoulder. In addition I felt clear headed when involved in a very stressful legal situation. Also My blood pressure has normalize and my breathing capacity has greatly improved. Looking forward to further treatments in the future.
G. Compton, Ca

A swirl.I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful healing that I have received from you. I may not fully understand just what you do. However, I do understand and feel the effects. In addition to feeling relaxed and peaceful, I was surprise to notice great mental alertness and better vision – I realize that I had been using my reading glasses in about a week and I had been reading extensively for both work and pleasure during that time. I had a toothache and my gums were swollen these problems are gone since the healing. My feet and ankles feel free and more flexible. The range of motion in my neck and back and hips has increased. I hadn’t been aware of the developing tightness until it was released.

My sense of balance has suddenly improved. Again I hadn’t even thought about a lack of balance. Like many of us, I thought that I was simply overstressed, over worked and over due for a vacation. I am beginning to feel a reserve of energy that I have not felt for a very long time. I am so grateful for you kindness and understanding as well. It is wonderful now that when friends and family have health issues, it won’t be a worry. I know that you can take care of them and that they will be fine. Thank you, Ron for your great kindness and for sharing your wonderful gift. Sincerely L.
L. C. NY, NY

A swirl.My right arm feels much better. It doesn’t feel any of the pressure at all now. My right arm feels beautiful. I found the work that Ron is doing to be very effective. His sessions are gentle, yet profound. I would say that Ron is a catalyst for personal transformation, as well as healing. He is a gifted and very accurate psychic, and a true healer.
J.S., Naturopathic Doctor

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Physical Healing June 7, 2005

A swirl.A Nurse: My Thumb joints and wrists: They feel terrific. They feel wonderful. I love their technology. Neck: it feels fine. It feels good. Now I am walking very smooth, with great easy, light on my feet. My feet are much more foreword then they were before. Back feels terrific, taller, spin feels perfect. Knees feel fine now. Head/shoulder: connection. It feels centered, no pain or discomfort in it. Eyes Better, pupils are all most equal now. Neck- Yesterday I had a different creaking in my neck, now there is just a little fine creaking!

My belly feels better, not as full Head - I had a headache before I feel relaxed, center balanced, real good. I feel wonderful. Elbow- My left had been a little sore now I have no problem lifting. I now have full range of motion, I have free range of motion now. I feel terrific. Thank you

I am very happy with all that had been done.

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Healing Tune up Session

A swirl.I saw everything on the ship. I saw the dials I saw everything. Healer since childhood.
D.D., Kansas

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Clearing of the Years Session Emotional Years Clearing

A swirl.I completed the chakra clearing a couple months ago. I notice a significant amount of fear and negativity have been removed. I am able to disconnect with procrastination and participate in the moment w/ activities I enjoy. I am happy with new personal projects in addition to running my busy restaurant.

A swirl.Ron’s technique of removing the negative charge from the emotional, mental and feeling bodies is very unified. It allows one to have clarity to live in the “now” without previous years of life experiences affecting choices, actions or reactions. His psychic and healing abilities are not only accurate but also sensitive and gentle to receive.
Temura, Ca

A swirl.I knew that I was numbed out. I had stress. I have been trying to get it released. I just can’t believe all the things I must have blocked out. I feel more energy. It is real easy to walk now. It feels good to walk. My legs feel stronger, and my back feels stronger. I saw pictures of my life incidents as they were being released. I realized that there was heaps of stuff.

She sees in color. I saw many, many pictures, a swirl of good and bad. A real fast film where things are not separated.
R.A.J. Champaign, Ill

A swirl.When I hear Ron Talking on the Phone Conference Call, I heard my body say, Yes, Yes, Yes, to having this done. I would like to share my recorded responses during my session. I feel a hundred pounds lighter. I can breath better. It has lifted tons of stuff. My eyes relaxed I heard my body say Wow! I haven’t felt this good in years! I see a movie of the past pasting before my eyes. My heart wants to cry.

Clouds of fog everything is lifting and going away. Twenty years ago I broke my right ankle, it has been turned out,
my foot is now straight, and I have a normal gait. The energy is flowing through my body.
E. G. Carpentersville, Illinois

A swirl.Thank you – we are both improved in many ways. Looking forward to future sessions.
L.K. and D.E.A.

A swirl.I feel relaxed a refreshed, and completely healed up. I feel good, thank you Aliens and Love You All, and God Bless You All.
Love C.M. Woodland, Ca

A swirl.My body had the sensation of warmth and well being.
M. B., Mountain Ranch, Ca

A swirl.Felt warm energy through out body.
J.M. Napa, Ca

A swirl.Felt sinuses drain.
J.S. Berkeley, Ca

A swirl.Felt my neck and back move. Felt gentle energy.
D.I. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.I felt totally centered and connected with the universe – Totally peaceful and unified with the One. I felt a transcendence and a great faith. Thank you! I had a very sore and infected toe – and now it feels fine.
M.G. Oakland, Ca

A swirl.Experienced energy circulation thru body.
M.D. Berkeley, Ca

A swirl.I feel much better! Thank you.
M. M. San Rafael, Ca

A swirl.Some tingling in hands; energy vibrating in sacrum, knee. I had a reminder about something I sensed as a child, 4yrs./6yrs, that an E. T. ship would came to save me.
M.G. Felton, Ca

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Emotional Healing

A swirl.I enjoyed my session with you, and felt a detachment to past negative emotional memories, after doing a clearing. I felt a release from any heaviness associated with the memory. I look forward to the next session. Thank you. Sincerely
M.M.C. Hawaii

A swirl.Experienced calmness and energy circulating thru body.
M.D. Berkeley, Ca

A swirl.Felt waves of energy flow through my spine, hips, and feet. Lower back pain has gone away. Continue to feel tingling in my feet!
S.S. Walnut Creek, Ca

A swirl.When I first walked I felt off balance, because the imbalance before was more “normal” – i.e. my perception had become use to it. Now I feel aliened. The back lumbar spine is more flexible and replaced – aliened. I felt a lot of energy in my legs and lower body.
P.B. Alameda, Ca

A swirl.I could feel buzzing in the area they were working on. Especially my left knee. Surgical procedure was done one month ago, thus my knee was stiff. It is less stiff. Very peaceful and calming.
D.M. Pleasanton, Ca

A swirl.I felt a presence that felt good, light, healing, loving. The problem I asked for healing on is a chronic one that I cannot always feel, and am not feeling today, but I had an impression that it had been removed. The whole experience was very positive, and I felt much appreciation.
A., San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.I could feel the energy healing me. I knew where they were working on my body because I could feel it.
C.H. San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.I felt so much work being done on my teeth I particularly. It felt wonderful! Thank You.
J.W. Benicia, Ca

A swirl.I began with an uncontrollable spasm in my shoulder and after the session I had relaxed totally, tension and pain gone.
R.B. Eugene, Or

A swirl.I am a skeptic but I definitely felt something. A vibration thru my body. A flowing energy and warmth. I didn’t want it to stop.
G.D. San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.Sensed clearing in the lung. Felt ankles flexibility increase. Felt new flexibility in knee. Great!
D.C. Boulder Creek, Ca

A swirl.I felt a rush of energy throughout my body, especially in torso and chest area.
M.L. San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.It felt like a “tune up”. At first I felt an energy in my head, then felt energy and healing in various areas of my body.
L.M. Mill Valley, Ca

A swirl.Experienced warmth and energy in chest for most of the session. Then the energy went to my body center. Went to my head area, especially right eye.
K.R. Kentfield, Ca

A swirl.I had very nice visions of spaceship and also sacred geometry. Nice healing transmission- good feeling of peace.
D.L. Mill Valley, Ca

A swirl.Under treatment, I felt warm energy coming through my body. I walked to check my troubled area, which is right heel. No pain is felt now when walking - incredible. What s happening to me! Thanks.
K.T. San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.I sensed a greater clarity in my mind/head and some changes in my body (i.e. more energy in my aura).
D.D. Sebastopol, Ca

A swirl.I had a healing yesterday and felt like having another one today. I feel lighter!
C.H. San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.I felt sensations in my eyes and they started to water while I was getting healed. I feel a deep sense of relaxation. My head felt lighter.
E.B. San Francisco, Ca

A swirl.I thought the experience was great….I felt much compassion and I felt the healing right away. I felt the Ja-ne-na honored my space and I think that’s very important in healings.
D.F. Concord, Ca

A swirl.I felt a very loving energy. Mainly, a woman worked with me and she loves interacting with us. She explained that this experience was healing for her as well and the interchange of energy was powerful. She worked with my chakras. Also, several Doctor did work on my spine. My main message from this was to be open to healing and to not be fearful of my own inner strength and power. Their work will help me.
R. Z. Alameda, Ca

A swirl.A positive experience- Looking forward to seeing how it develops.
T.C. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.Feel lighter, brighter, more giggly, more spontaneous, more light hearted, more energized and energetic.
D. I. Santa Rosa, Ca

A swirl.I felt energy shifts, little “electrical” type of “jolt”. I felt at one time as if someone pulled out a lot of dark, yucky stuff from the upper chest area.
Thanks B.T. Castro Valley, Ca

A swirl.Sensed a greater relaxation and less tension.
S.J. Sebastopol, Ca

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Physical problem he ask assist for: 15 years arthritis severe pain right hand middle and index finger. Session Results: Swelling went down visibly. His fingers where no longer ridged and he could now bend the fingers. Fingers where pain free now. I was immediately surrounded by a strong, warm energy, very loving Energy. I was filled with understanding and knowledge, which I had been seeking for years, Amazing. ~ M.W.
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