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New Earth Transport Clearing

Description:  New Earth Bi-location - Body and Spirit Transfer

Our planet and everything on it has been invaded by Darkness and turned into a holographic illusion. It has been cloned countless times and attached to millions of time lines as has everything on it. While some Light still resides here the percentage of Darkness energy is enormous and affects us all constantly. The traps created by Darkness make it very difficult to be in our Hearts and in a state of Peace. Clearing Darkness out of us can feel like an endless process undermining our chance of ascending with our bodies.

A New Earth has been created to help us with the Ascension process. It is a second and separate manifestation from the same blueprint that was used by the Earth Spirit to create this planet some 1.4 million years ago. The New Earth has it's own Spirit and is 100% in Light and cannot be corrupted by Darkness. This is a temporary manifestation to help us get out of Darkness and will not re-manifest after Ascension.

This New Earth will act as a stepping-stone for the parts of us in Light. These parts of our selves (body and spirit) will now have a safe haven, out of Darkness, to reside before Ascension. These parts of us will bi-locate between this planet and the New Earth. At Ascension we will go to our Home Base Energy, not to this New Earth.

Every time we do a Creation Lightship clearing a little more of us is brought out of Darkness. Before this new clearing those parts were still trapped on this corrupted Earth. This clearing will allow those parts to also be on this 100% Light New Earth thereby guaranteeing the ability to ascend back to the Light.

Once you enter this free clearing you will write in each CLS clearing you have had previously, hit the start button and begin to move over to the New Earth of 100% Light. This enables the cleared parts of you to stay in spiritual integrity, in a safe sanctuary of Light, while awaiting Ascension.

Price:   $0.01 per EACH (Per PERSON, PET or Plant)

Full Name: (For whom you require clearing)
Total:       $

At the end of your PayPal purchase please make sure you click on the button
that says “Return to Merchant” so an email containing the username and password
for the clearing can be sent to you. Click here to view a screenshot of the button.
Sometimes it can take a few minutes after your purchase before the email arrives.
When checking for the email, please also check your spam/junk folder.
If you still do not receive an email, please contact us.

We make no medical or health claims regarding the use of this Clearing.
If you have a medical condition, please see your physician.
Use of this Clearing is for the purpose of Ascension Preparation only.
The Clearing process may not be detectable by
current Earth-based equipment and technology.

New Earth Transport Clearing Login Page

SPECIAL 1: Purchase one Whole Lifetime Clearing and get one for half price.
Or, purchase any clearing on the website for $100 or more, and get a Whole Lifetime Clearing for half price. The Whole Lifetime Clearings are in the "Category: Current Lifetime Clearings."

Send to us an email request with:
  1. The name of the Whole Lifetime Clearing you purchased.
  2. Name of the Whole Lifetime Clearing you would like to purchase at 1/2 price.
We will send you a reply.
Then you are ready to order and run the 1/2 price clearing.
SPECIAL 2: Complete four Whole Lifetime Clearings at regular price and your 5th is complimentary. Send to us an email to activate this offer.

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I felt so relaxed that every cell in my body was able to unwind and become "one" with me on the spaceship. My wife of 18 years, C., was healed spontaneously. Her chiropractor called after the session, ironically to ask how she was. I told him what happened and he may want a session as well. ~ R.J. Ph.D. (East Point, Georgia)
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