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Please Read the following sections to understand the reason for this important Healings!!

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The Creation Lightship
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Pure Divine Light Energy from the Source that Created You



This clearing also includes the: Emotional Stress Death Barcode

The Death Barcode is an active energetic implant placed in every person’s body DNA. This implant contains time-coded sequential programming to eliminate the bodies life force energy, causing physical death. Ninety percent of humanity has 3 Death Barcodes and the remaining ten percent may have more or sometimes less of these implant-coded death dates.

Approximately ten years before the first barcode is due to become active, the body's life force energy begins a steady decline. As it knows it will no longer be living when this barcode comes to fruition, the body goes into an apathetic state, and begins to more or less give up. If a person is able to override this date, the physical body must attempt to get by on a greatly reduced supply of life force energy

Meanwhile, the physical body knows that yet another Death Barcode is waiting for it, like a time bomb set to go off, and so its supply of life force energy declines even further. One's body at this point is typically receiving a mere 40% of its intended life force energy, or less. If this second Death Barcode does not destroy the body, then most likely the third one will.

Each time one passes through a barcode activation date, the life force energy that sustains life within the body greatly diminishes. The physical body gives up its healing ability because it sees no life expectancy or future survival potential, and it becomes overwhelmed with the task of attempting to heal the body with such a reduced flow of life force energy. Often when a person receives a diagnosis of terminal illness, their body already had the knowledge of it ten years prior, had resigned itself to the dying process, and cannot become empowered to save itself.

The Death Barcode Removal Clearing by the Creation Lightship removes the Death Barcodes from a person's DNA, and frees the body from the apathy of having to live with these darkside pre-programmed death dates. This removal may be able to return a person to the level of life force energy that was lost ten years prior to their first Death Barcode activation. This Death Barcode Removal can also be performed on your pets and animals.

Please note that this Special Barcode Removal Session requires 6 hours minimum on your computer to complete. IT CANNOT BE PERFORMED IN MULTIPLE HEALING SESSIONS, but must be done in one single session. Give yourself an extra two hours to complete the process, (8 hours total), just in case you need it. If your internet connection goes down or your computer fails, you must start the whole process from the beginning, and go through it completely, all over again, from start to finish

Each individual Barcode that you remove requires 3 important steps that must be done in sequence! These steps are: 1. Removal of one Death Barcode. 2. Clearing the associated emotional trauma, (or feelings of death), that may overwhelm a person with sadness as their barcode is removed. (Do this step as many times as needed per each barcode removal until you feel balanced out, before going on to step 3.) 3. Re-instating the precious life force energy that was depleted or greatly diminished by the Death Barcode. (Repeat this step as many times as needed per each removal until you feel ready to go on to the next barcode removal.)

These 3 steps are repeated in sequence for EACH BARCODE that is removed. In summary, use the drop down box to select the Death Barcode Removal, (i.e. 1, 2, and 3, or more if you feel you may have more than 3 Death Barcodes). Then for each Death Barcode removal, immediately perform the Emotional Trauma Clearing as often as needed, followed by the Spirit Integration/Infusion as often as needed, before going to the next Barcode Removal occurrence.

After each removal session, it is highly recommended that you take a shower, which will greatly assist you to cleanse your auric field of any residual energy.

Please also note that if you feel/sense that you may need additional emotional trauma release and/or Spirit Integration for this barcode removal, you can repeat the trauma clearing and Spirit Integration portion of the clearing as often as needed for the next 7 days.

After you have fully performed all these clearings, you should feel full of energy and may even feel or look younger. This Death Barcode Removal releases the walking death from you! Enjoy the feeling of life again...Blessings Ron

Suggested followup Healings if you are unwell:
1. Mind of The Body Clearing
2. Infection Body Clearing
3. Toxicity/Lymph Clearing


Step 1
Please test the countdown below to make sure it works. If it does not work, please do not continue until you enable the javascript or find an internet browser with javascript enabled as the countdown below is designed using JavaScript.

Step 2
Please read the information listed below.

The Death Barcode Removal session - in Step 4 - could take a minimum of 6 hours; make sure you have enough time to do the clearing in a single session! (Set aside continuous 8 hours please!)


A picture of a Light Being will be provided during the removal session in Step 4, and it will be activated during your session - watch the Light Being change during your session.


To begin your clearing in Step 4, first select the type of removal that you wish to have. Then, follow the instructions there.


You may pause the removal if you need to take a short break. To pause the clearing, click the button that says “Pause Your Removal” or the button that says “Pause” located to the left of the Light Being picture and from there an alert box will appear informing you that your removal session is now paused. To resume, click the “OK” button that appears in the alert box. The alert box message will say:

“Your removal is now paused.
Press OK when you are ready to resume your removal.”


If you purchased and started a “Death Barcode Removal", and your internet service crashes or your browser closes mid-way through the removal, please login again and continue from where you left off.


When your removal finishes, you will be informed with an alert box. The alert box message will say:

“Your Removal Session is now Over.”


Attempting to start Death Barcode Removal in Step 4 without paying for it will not work.


Disclaimer: We make no medical or health claims regarding the use of this Barcode Removal. If you have a medical condition, please see your physician. Using this Barcode Removal is for the purpose of Ascension Preparation only. The Death Barcode Removal process may not be detectable by current Earth-based equipment and technology.


Taking a shower after each removal session will greatly assist in cleansing your auric field and is highly recommended.

Step 3
Make your selection and purchase below. Please do not continue to Step 4 until you have completed your purchase. After you complete your purchase, please go to login page in Step 4 to start your Death Barcode Removal.

Pay Safely Over the Internet with PayPal
Make Your Payment Selection:
You will select a specific removal during Step 4, but
first select your payment options and quantities.
Please Select the quantity
(if you are purchasing for more than one person)
Death Barcode Removal

Please Enter Your Quantity Below:
We do not refund payments.
Please check your confirmation e-mail from buy@creationlightship.com
after Paypal payment for Username and Password
to login for this removal.
Disclaimer: We make no medical or health claims regarding the use of this Barcode Removal.
If you have a medical condition, please see your physician.
Use of this Barcode Removal is for the purpose of Ascension Preparation only.
The Death Barcode Removal process may not be detectable
by current Earth-based equipment and technology.

Step 4
Once you complete your purchase,
only then the Lightbeing will become Activated to perform the Healing.

After payment, please select the link below to goto the login Page.

Death Barcode Login Page 

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