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Body Jump Start Special (3 Months)

Description:  Body Jump Start Special

This mega healing opportunity provides 5 Clearings for your physical body, and can be done any time between the purchase date and March 31, 2012! This package gives you a huge discount and we recommend you take advantage of it for yourself.

These are the same individual clearings that appear on the web site when purchased separately. You may like to recommend the Body Jump Start Special to Friends and Family, especially to those dealing with physical problems.

Please note:
Body Jump Start Special is a one-person use purchase and will not work for multiple share usage with anyone.

If the need arises after this special is over you can purchase any of these Clearings separately and /or the unlimited version where available.

Below please find a brief description of each clearing in the package:

Magnetic and Twisted Body Alignment

Our physical body is made up of 108 individual invisible energetic bodies. These bodies can become positioned incorrectly in a variety of ways. This misalignment results in an interruption of body energy flow causing an inability to heal that specific invisible body. Most of us have at least 20 of these invisible energetic bodies positioned incorrectly.

This clearing will position the invisible energetic bodies correctly. You may clear as many bodies as you wish, up to 108. It is recommended that you do a minimum of 20. This clearing is for your physical body, not for your Spirit, but will end with Spirit Infusion into the invisible bodies you have cleared.

Infection Body Clearing

This is a Whole Lifetime Clearing for one of your 108 invisible bodies, The Infection Body. This invisible energetic body holds the energy from all infections you have experienced throughout this lifetime, up to this point in time. This clearing removes that stored energy whether dormant or active. The Unlimited feature is available for the duration of the Body Jump Start Special.

If you wish to go deeper the Infection Body Clearing is available in the 7 Generation series as a separate clearing (not included in the Jump Start Special).

Mind of the Body

The Mind of the Body is your internal healer, your own internal doctor that knows how to heal you physically. This conscious part of your body needs to be healed because it has become connected to darks controlling energies through your natal chart, abduction processes and various bar codes. Over time these dark elements cause The Mind of the Body to shut down and become unable to hold integrity and heal your body. This is a Whole Lifetime Clearing and includes the unlimited version for the duration of the Body Jump Start Special.

Blood and Circulatory

This clearing works on your lymphatic, blood, bone, nervous and muscular systems. It removes alien implants and then infuses each system with Golden Heart Light and Golden Blood Light Infusions and ends with Spirit Infusion for each system. You also have the option of requesting a specific healing associated with any of these systems.

Body System Rejuvenation

This is an in-depth clearing covering 14 body systems: including digestive, endocrine, immune, skeletal and nervous systems etc (see the drop down box for full list). There is also an option to add a body condition if you like in the custom request box. The clearing works with both your physical body and your Spirit and includes renewing your physical bodys blueprint for every system you clear. Light is brought into each system and replaces the dark energy that was residing within.

Price:   $200.00 per QTR

Full Name: (For whom you require clearing)
Total:       $
Please check your confirmation e-mail from buy@creationlightship.com
after Paypal payment for Username and Password
to login for this clearing.

Disclaimer: We make no medical or health claims
regarding the use of this Clearing.
If you have a medical condition, please see your physician.
Use of this Clearing is for
the purpose of Ascension Preparation only.
The Clearing process may not be detectable
by current Earth-based equipment and technology.

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