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During a 1-hour Physical Healing Session, you may request healings for up to 4 health concerns. If you are having the Tune-Up Healing Session, please request 1 main health concern that you would like assistance with. The Divine Light Being Doctors will focus on your request first, unless they find a more urgent situation. You have freedom of choice in selecting your doctors, modalities, and the procedures you would like.

The Light Being Doctors will perform as much healing as possible during your requested session. Each session you have, will allow the doctors to more fully assist you through your Healing and Purification Process.

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During group healing sessions, each person receives their own personal session with the Creation Lightship Doctors. During group healing sessions time is provided for those who would like to share some of their healing experiences.

Most people have the awareness of being in the presence of the Light Being Doctors who are assisting them. They sense their deep love and compassion. Many ‘Miracle Healings’ have taken place during sessions. The Light Beings have the ability to stretch time while you are having your session. This allows them to assist you for longer periods of time than actual Earth time shows.

If you have already developed your inner-vision and feeling abilities, you may have the pleasure of seeing and being consciously aware during your sessions. It is a good idea to close your eyes thus shutting out external stimuli, to help you focus more clearly on your inner sight, feelings, and thoughts. Do not meditate or go out of your body during your session. Your Spirit needs to be in your body for healing to take place.
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While having your healing session, you can converse with your Light Doctors through verbal or telepathic communication. If you would like to express something to them, just think the thought and they will hear you. They have many means of conveying ideas to you. Sometimes they tell jokes, share music, or use song lyrics to express an idea.

Prior to your session:
Place a glass of water next to you.
Prepare to journal your experiences during and after your session.
This allows you to be more consciously aware of your healings as
your body becomes more comfortable.

A Light Being.

Receiving a Lightship Healing

At the beginning of your scheduled Healing Session, the Lightship connects with your energy system. During this procedure, you may feel a warm sensation as you are surrounded with a cocoon of ‘Light Transport Energy’. You are completely safe during this procedure. This Light Transport Energy is a very gentle and non-invasive to the human body. It requires approximately 2 seconds to connect with you, and to transport you inter-dimensionally, (out of space and time), in your own personal vibrational frequencies, to the Lightship.

You arrive to a special room used for the transportation of the physical body. You are transported out of time and space as we know it while you are having your session. You will be in the Lightship's ‘Light Transport Energy Field’ continuously, materializing (out of time) on the Lightship and materializing on Earth (in time).

If one looks at a sine wave diagram (a sideways S with a straight line passing through its center, left to right) the upward and downward curves contain the frequencies to re-manifest you in your physical form. At the straight line where these upper and lower curves meet, this represents the time when you are not in physical form. Since there is no vibration occurring at this point, this is called the ‘Off State’, and this is when transportation takes place. In Earth terms this is known as Bi-Location. In other words, your body will not disappear from its physical location on Earth during your Lightship Healing Session. You will be free to walk around, talk with friends or family members, drink water, or otherwise engage in normal activities during your session. However, most people prefer to sit quietly in a peaceful location where they will not be disturbed, so that they can participate with full conscious awareness and gain the most benefits from this sacred healing experience. Using a speakerphone allows you to sit comfortably and relax fully during your healing.

When you are on the Lightship you are transported out of time and space as we know.
The time line diagrams below show:
  1. Where your physical body manifests (in Time) on Earth.
  2. Where your physical body is manifested (out of Time) while on the Lightship.

A diagram showing where your transportation out of time occurs.

Expanded View
The line between the upper and lower pulse
is where you are transported out of Time to the Lightship for healing

A diagram showing where your transportation out of time occurs.

Ron describing the “Ship Healing Session”

Upon your arrival at the Creation Lightship’s Transportation Room you are welcomed by loving, gentle Light Beings who will escort you to the physical body scanning area to receive your diagnostic body scan. Here you receive a DNA scan which gives the Light Doctors a complete genetic history, record of past illnesses, and an overall diagnostic profile of how best to begin your healing session. The computer will also indicate the best procedures to be administered during the healing session.

The scanning procedure is completely safe for the physical body and its energy field. No harmful radiation is used. The information from your body scan is received and recorded by the Lightship’s computer system.

This information is presented to the head physicians for evaluation. The computer system and its programs can 100% replicate the human blueprint. The Lightship’s database contains all the genetic codes and energy templates throughout Creation.

After your body scan, you will be escorted by Light Beings to the Orientation Room where you will collaborate with the Light Doctors. Your request for assistance and your input on what you would like help with are an important part of this session, since the Light Beings only work with you through your free will/choice. They converse with you in your language or telepathically, introduce their healing technologies and procedures, and then will answer any questions you may have. You are free to choose which modalities, procedures, and doctors you would like.

The Doctors work in teams of three, and most people request 6 to 12 teams during their sessions. The Light Being Doctors have staff assisting them as needed. The choice of which teams to use and the number of doctors needed is depending upon the complexity of the procedures that you select.

When you feel comfortable with your choices and options, you are then escorted to the procedure rooms along with your Light Doctor teams.

During a one hour physical healing session on the Lightship, the Light Doctors check, adjust, balance and purify your bodily functions. They give attention to healing many areas: Blood, lymph, endocrine glands, hormones, skeleton, eyes, central nervous system, brain, skull, skin, muscles, joints, teeth, hair, ligaments, and body organs, (i.e. heart, lungs, intestines, kidney, liver, bladder, male/female organs).

A yellow star.  You may sense that Energy healing is being performed in your body.
A yellow star. 
You many feel sensations such as: becoming more relaxed, tingles, goose bumps, warmth, and inner peace and calmness.
A yellow star. 
You may experience internal body sensations such as: energy starting to flow more freely through your body as blockages and tensions are released.

You may notice: feeling lighter, improved posture, ease of breathing, greater sense of balance, and enhanced well-being. Back/joint pain and other physical discomforts may dissipate or completely release.

While you are on the Lightship, to evaluate the success of the procedures, the Light Doctors may ask you to walk, stretch, move your body, or otherwise determine your progress during the healing.

You will be safe, cared for, nurtured, and made comfortable during your session. Many people say they can feel the Divine Love and compassion of the Light Doctors.

All procedures performed during your healing session are recorded in the Lightship's Database. If time permits, some people may receive a tour of the ship if desired.

After your procedures are completed you will be escorted back to the Transportation Room. Once again you will be surrounded by the ‘Light Transport Energy’ and gently returned to your physical location in time and space. Walk around a little, and be consciously aware of your physical body. Sense and feel any changes you have experienced so far as the results of your healing session.

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The Healing Equation:
  1. Your Belief-Trust-Acceptance quotient.
  2. Give your consent to have a healing.
    Your free will is always respected.
  3. The condition of your physical body.
  4. How open is your heart to Divine Love?
  5. Your willingness to commune with your Divine Spirit.
  6. How awakened your state of consciousness is at this time.
  7. What is Your Spirit/Soul’s desire?
    Feel free to express your Spirit’s desires to the Light Beings.
  8. Your former Soul Contracts:
    The Lightship may be able to intervene on the person’s behalf.
  9. The amount of healing that can be accomplished during the session.
  10. Your willingness to continue to release.
    Release negative programming, discordant thoughts, judgments, addictions and habits.
  11. Remember to make your healing requests during your session. Do not ask for everything you can think of to be done during one session. This would not be a practical request. Concentrate your request for assistance on a few areas during one session. This will give you the best results and also shows respect for the work the Light Beings are doing to assist you. The Light Doctors do as much as they can for each person during every session.
  12. Receive the Emotional Body Clearing, (this is the most important session to have first). The Services List (online healings) will help you to choose sessions which aide in clearing the blocked energy stored within your body from past traumas, which may be causing your current physical condition(s). As blockages are released, the flow of Life Force Energy from your Spirit should be greatly increased, which will enhance your body’s natural healing ability to unfold. Ja-ne-na, Healing Arts University Fleet Commander

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Please highlight significant improvements you have experienced from having your session! Your testimonial may be put on our website with first name only. Please help others to understand the significance of having sessions with the Creation Lightship. Thank you. Ron Amitron

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I felt so relaxed that every cell in my body was able to unwind and become "one" with me on the spaceship. My wife of 18 years, C., was healed spontaneously. Her chiropractor called after the session, ironically to ask how she was. I told him what happened and he may want a session as well. ~ R.J. Ph.D. (East Point, Georgia)
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